MSN preview updates My Apps

Looks like the has been updated, or at least the “my apps” portion of the home page.  Before, there were three tabs, for Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live, and a separate Hotmail section, but now two new apps have been added: Weather and Bing Maps:


Clicking on each of the apps opens a live fly-out window, in this case showing a live Bing Maps that you can interact with, including traffic information, but My Apps shows updated information for each of the apps even before opening them up.

This is a nice improvement over the first attempt at My Apps, although interestingly the Windows Live section has apparently been dropped.  Here’s a screenshot from our original post on the new (US version) preview:

original msn preview apps

The new page already has a Bing Maps tab (although without the nice live map in the flyout) and a Weather tab, so we’re not sure why they need to be on the home page twice, but this preview is obviously still a work in progress.  Notice anything else new? Leave a comment!

(thanks for the tip, Dirk!)