Ready… Set…Windows Phone (7 Series)

Microsoft is finally ready to start talking about “the next generation of Windows Phones” at Mobile World Congress on Monday, and there’s been a little flurry of activity this weekend with some new new info and some new rumors about what we’ll see.

Barcelona looks like it’s all decked out for the announcements:


(photo credit: Long Zheng)

but even more interesting is the sleuthing that Engadget has done to uncover (literally) what looks to be the new name for Windows Mobile… “Windows Phone 7 Series”


Not to be outdone, the good folks at Zune Boards spotted an FCC filing for a new Sharp phone, one looking eerily similar to the rumored “Pink” phone dubbed “Turtle”


here’s the earlier leaked images of the “Turtle”


We’re still not sure whether we’ll be hearing about the Pink phones at MWC (or even what OS they’ll be running), but Zune Boards places the end of the short term confidentiality agreement for the FCC filing as March 29th.  We’ve also been monitoring a Twitter search for #TMDP, and  it sure seems like a release will be sooner rather than later (especially since the tweets are coming from “Danger” devices):


We’re planning lots more mobile coverage in the upcoming months, so much so that this is our first post on “LiveSide – The Mobile Blog”.  Things are really heating up in the mobile space, with Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7 Series, more Bing for iPhone rumors, and lots more, so we’re putting all our mobile coverage in one place.

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