New Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshot leaked

A new Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 screenshot seems to have surfaced on the web via a person named Zukona (thanks to, who claims that the screenshot is from Messenger Wave 4 Milestone 3. While we can’t be sure of the integrity of the screenshot, the new screenshot does reveal to us some very interesting new features, and it does look very similar to the screenshot leaked a few months ago. Here’s the latest leaked screenshot:

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 M3

So the new Messenger build still retains the collapsible “social” pane on the left, but there’s several new features that we’ve noticed:

  • New Facebook and other social networks integration – not just Windows Phone 7 Series is getting it, but the new Windows Live Messenger allows you to connect to multiple social networks besides Windows Live, and Facebook is possibly one of the many social networks available. Notice the “Connected to” button on the bottom-right hand corner:
    Connected To
    It appears that updates on Facebook, including comments, can be directly shown within Messenger (in the middle pane). What’s more we’ve noticed that the contact names in the Facebook pane has the “status blip” next to it as well, indicating either a possible integration of Messenger and Facebook contacts, or Messenger will support Facebook Chat protocol (now that Facebook just opened up to XMPP)
  • Ability to directly comment on social updates on Windows Live – we briefly speculated on this on our coverage of Windows Phone 7 Series, and now this screenshot pretty much confirmed what we said. In Wave 3, you could only leave comments on a user’s Profile page, and these comments were never specific to any of their social updates. With Wave 4, you are now able to directly comment on each of the social updates that you see on Windows Live (as shown on the left pane) – a very much requested feature in the Wave 3 days!
  • Better SkyDrive and Photos integration – as you can see on the left pane, it features a large image preview for your contact’s updates on Windows Live Photos, allowing quick access to albums uploaded by your contacts. We’re also curious as to what the “via SkyDrive” means below the status update.
  • More than just “Social” – looking at the top Zune-like navigation, you can see that besides “Social” and “Friends”, there’s two new categories available for “MSN” and “Games”.
  • New Messenger emoticons coming? – check out the contact “Terry Adams” on the right-hand side of the screenshot, do I see a new Messenger emoticon?

Pretty exciting stuff there! But let us know what you think about the new Messenger by leaving us a comment below!