Weekend glimpses of Wave 4, when will it be released? (take our poll!)

8713_WindowsLiveMessengerWave4M3_5F00_12AC4FD2 In case you missed it over the weekend, our LiveSide colleagues have been busy at work tracking down all the latest Wave 4 news and rumors, very busy in fact.  We reported on some new (apparently internal promotional) screenshots of Messenger showing up in the blogs, showing a collapsible “social pane”, a new friends view, some new emoticons, and hints at geo-tagging and video messaging integration.  MessengerAdictos had the first screenshots we showed you, and then CNBeta.com posted some more.  Shortly after that, our resident Windows Live Writer guru spotted some more screenshots coming from CNBeta, this time of the new Writer ribbon, looking much more polished than when we first spotted it back in September.

Not to be outdone, LiveSino.net found some more Writer screenshots:


…and a new one of Windows Live Photo Gallery showing the ribbon over there, too:


So when can we dispense with the suspense and get our hands on Wave 4?  Digital Inspiration is putting a tweet and the Writer screenshots together and hoping for a May 1st release at WordCamp SF, which may be as good a guess as any, but we kind of doubt that Essentials would debut at a WordPress conference (ahem, Web 2.0 Expo is only 2 days later).  Or maybe Essentials will bypass the big conferences altogether, who knows.  Your guess is as good as ours at this point, take our poll (in the sidebar on www.LiveSide.net) and give us your best guess!