Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 4 to support Geo-tagging

It’s been a crazy weekend with Windows Live Wave 4 screenshots keeps coming. Kip gave us a glimpse in his previous post on Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 4, and this post will go a bit further as to what we’ve discovered about the new Photo Gallery. First things first, a full view of the new Photo Gallery:

Photo Gallery Wave 4

We can see that compared to the screenshots leaked last December, we find two new tabs in the M3 release – “Find” and “Create”. The “Find” tab offers an alternative way to search and filter your photos and videos, as shown in the screenshot below:

Find tab

Do notice that this tab is in no way complete (as can be seen by the placeholder icons), and it is almost certain that this menu will be more intuitive than what is shown. But perhaps the most interesting feature would be the support for the long-awaited Geotagging support:


Clicking on the Geotag button brings you a new pane which allows you to tag your photos via its geographical location, most likely to be powered by Bing Maps, as shown below:

Geotag pane 

Although it has been a while until we’re finally getting Geotag support, nevertheless it is still good news that Microsoft is adding this to it’s full range of services, expanding its potential to even Messenger and Windows Live Photos. This is definitely good news. One thing to keep in mind however: while we briefly mentioned the new “Create” tab, we haven’t discussed it in detail, and word has it that it has something quite exciting. So stay tuned at LiveSide as we bring you the latest on Windows Live Wave 4!

Many thanks to our good friend Picturepan2 over at for these screenshots.