Even more Wave 4 screenshots emerge (Part 2)

Following our Part 1 coverage on LiveSino.net and cnBeta.com’s leak of new Windows Live Wave 4 screenshots, this time we’ll take a glimpse at the next version of Windows Live SkyDrive, Family Safety, Sync and Movie Maker. We’ll examine them individually below.


The long-rumoured “Flix” video service in SkyDrive has finally been revealed. It will now be part of Windows Live Photos and allow direct video playback through the web service. The screenshot below shows WMV support, but of course we expect more formats to be supported through this service. Videos on Windows Live Photos will also support People tags, just like it does in the current Photo Gallery. It is not surprising that we might also see music playback through SkyDrive also. Of course, now that SkyDrive has a video-hosting service, it will integrate tightly with its client-counterpart – Windows Live Movie Maker. More info below.

Windows Live SkyDrive - Video Support


When we talk about SkyDrive and cloud storage, of course we won’t forget to mention the cloud synchronisation platform – formerly Live Mesh, now Windows Live Sync. Windows Live Sync has gotten a complete revamp, pretty much dumping the old FolderShare interface and becomes a new (and possibly the most important) piece of software in itself. As the client-side for Windows Live Devices, Sync will allow you to synchronise files between devices and SkyDrive, as well as providing remote access to your PCs over the internet. Perhaps the most interesting piece of news is that Windows Live Sync will also support synchronisation of your program settings, as seen in the screenshot below allowing you to synchronise your Internet Explorer settings between two or more computers. Expect more programs to be added to this list. Great addition!

Sync 1

Movie Maker

With SkyDrive getting video playback support, it is not surprising to see Movie Maker to add direct upload to SkyDrive support. Windows Live Movie Maker Wave 4 will now have native support for uploading videos to Windows Live SkyDrive (including Group’s SkyDrive), YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. What’s also new is the “AutoMovie themes” section, allowing you to get one-click access to the AutoMovie feature, but at the same time allowing you to select the style of your movie. Word also has it that Movie Maker will now have over 60 transitions and over 40 different visual effects.

Windows Live Movie Maker Wave 4

Family Safety

As Windows 7 opens up their parental controls feature to third party applications, Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 takes good advantage of this. Pretty much all of Windows 7’s current parental control features – time limits, game ratings, as well as allowing or blocking specific programs, can now be replaced by Family Safety Wave 4. The benefit of this is that you can now remotely access and modify all of your parental control settings over the web, without the need to be physically at the computer. Besides web filtering, Family Safety now features:

  • Time Limits – restricting the time of day or day of the week your child can log on to the computer

     Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 - Time limits

  • Game Ratings – you can control access to games based on an age-rating level, or based on the type of game content you want to block

    Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 - Game ratings

  • Allow or block specific programs – you can now prevent your child from running programs that you don’t want them to run
    Windows Live Family Safety Wave 4 - Allow or block specific programs

These screenshots of Windows Live Wave 4 sure looks promising! Of course, what we saw was only the tip of the iceberg, and here at LiveSide we’ll make sure to keep you posted on the latest about the next version of Windows Live!

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