Even more Wave 4 screenshots emerge (Part 1)

Looks like someone has been very busy taking/leaking screenshots, as even more of them appeared on cnBeta.com. Starting off with a screenshot of all the Windows Live apps containing the Ribbon:
In the above screenshot you see (from top to bottom): Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery

Speaking about Photo Gallery, in this article there are screenshots of a newer build then the ones posted before. As you can see here there are less Orange Circles (placeholders):

If we take a look at the top one there we notice not only that it has publish possibilities to Skydrive, Facebook, flickr, YouTube and Groups but also something called Photo fuse.
Picturepan2 from LiveSino.net found that this creates a new photo from the best parts of similar photos. Interesting!


The Windows Live Essentials installer will also offer the Bing Bar. If features from the Windows Live Toolbar will be integrated into the Bing Bar we don’t know, I for one sure hope so. The screenshot shown on cnBeta doesn’t look different from the Bing Bar already available. Or will the suite offer two toolbars…

More screenshots and info in part 2