Charlie Kindel on Windows Phone development: integrate, prioritize, focus

windows_phone7_logo Charlie Kindel, the “Partner Group Program Manager for the Windows Phone Application Platform & Developer Experience” (now there’s a mouthful!), announced a new blog right after Windows Phone 7 was revealed at MWC, and his first in-depth post admits that Windows Phone 7 Series “is not the way Microsoft does things”, and tells how they pulled off such a coup.

In meeting with other Microsoft executives working on Windows Phone, Kindel found they were all “deeply committed to not repeating history”:

In talking with Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, Henry Sanders, J Allard, and others I felt the passion for changing our game. I heard phrases like

“We will do a few things, and do them really, really well.” 

“If you write a list write it in priority order.” 

“Focus on the end user.”

“Don’t show our organizational boundaries to customers.”

He describes his 5 Ps, and goes on to detail some of the priorities and principles that helped to shape Windows Phone 7 Series development.  It’s a great start for a blog about what may become an exciting new field, Windows Phone application development.