Zune HD Facebook app reappears

It took a little while, but the Facebook app for Zune HD is now working and available for installation via the Zune software interface.  The app was actually released on Monday (after apparent testing by Softies and MVPs, judging by their Facebook statuses), but was pulled almost immediately afterward due to it not actually loading any information.


The app itself does the usual Facebook type stuff: shows status updates and news feeds, photos (there’s no photo upload, but hey there’s no camera in a Zune HD, so go figure!), and even some cool Zune specific features, like the ability to post the music you’re listening to on your Zune up on Facebook.

We’ve just given it a quick look-see here, but Pocketnow.com has a video walkthrough posted, and if nothing else this app gives us a sneak peek at the type of apps we’ll see on Windows Phone 7 Series.