Steve Ballmer on Cloud Computing: We are all in!

If you missed the webcast yesterday, or just want to watch it again: they are available here. In his speech Steve Ballmer outlined the following 5 dimensions:

• The cloud creates opportunities and responsibilities
• The cloud  learns and helps you learn, decide and take action
• The cloud enhances your social and professional interactions
• The cloud wants smarter devices
• The cloud drives server advances that drive the cloud

70% of Microsoft staff are already working on the cloud across those 5 dimensions and by next year, that percentage would be 90. Quite a lot I’d say. In all-staff email sent out by Ballmer, he writes “We must move at cloud speed” and tells that a new ad campaign will be launched in the U.S.

Below you will find a video with some excerpts of his speech and footage of Microsoft’s Quincy facility that houses data centers used by businesses to support their cloud computing needs.

This is a short video, if you want to watch the full speech: it’s over an hour long! So be warned.

A website dedicated to Cloud Services has also been launched. Here you will find what’s all in the cloud and more, e.g the full Ballmer speech can be watched here too. The URL is easy to remember, it’s

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