What do blurry pics reveal about “Pink”?

Gizmodo got their hands on some blurry pics of a rumored Microsoft “Pink” phone, the “Pure”, and some bits of information about Microsoft’s enigmatic new phones.


According to Gizmodo, who claim to have their hands on a copy of Pink firmware, as well as some marketing materials from Verizon that hint at an April launch, there are at least a few tidbits, if you can believe Gizmodo.

Certainly there are elements of Windows Phone 7 Series-type UI features: the square boxy “icons”, a hint of Zune in the “Music and Videos” box in the center of the screen, and hints at a CE 7 based OS with .Net and XNA on top:

The OS is based on Windows CE, like the Zune and Windows Phone 7. This doesn’t mean a ton to users, but the guy who passed us the firmware sums up what that means under the hood:

Everything is programed in .NET a lot like 7 is. It does not say it inside the files where I have seen, but It is coded in XAMl and is in the structure that CE 7 is supposed to be structured, it is my belief that it will be based off CE 7, and it will have a lot of tie in to Windows Live as well

What Gizmodo didn’t get their hands on is a reason for these phones to even exist in the first place.  What are they?  They don’t apparently run either Windows 6.5 or Windows Phone 7 Series (although there are indications that they are Windows CE based, which is better at least than their predecessors the SideKicks), and don’t seem to follow the hardware specs or design guidelines set up for WP7.

We really hope that this isn’t another case of Microsoft internal politics gone horribly wrong, where nobody had the guts or political power to pull the plug on the pet Pink project or to walk away from the Danger acquisition, and maybe Pink phones will bridge a gap between now and the time WP7 phones start shipping – advancing the Zune marketplace and precursors to WP7 apps written in .Net and XNA.  The phones themselves, especially the “Turtle” are rapidly gaining laughingstock status for their looks at a time when Microsoft just hit a home run with Windows Phone 7 Series.  In short, there’s a lot to lose by releasing these phones, and not much, apparently, to gain.  Of course there’s a lot left unseen, especially with only blurry pictures to go by, so we’d love to stand corrected.

If we don’t hear about Pink at Mix, though, we’re going to get very worried.