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The news around Windows Phone 7 Series is really starting to heat up: today Sunshine pointed to a video coming from TechEd Middle East, where Eric Rudder showed a game played on a PC, then a Windows Phone, then on Xbox, all without missing a beat, and all developed in a single Visual Studio solution.  Rudder even showed a bit of code, too. 

GDC Next up is #GDC, the Game Developer Conference, held in San Francisco this upcoming week.  Many of the Windows Phone guys are heading there, with promises of more sneak peeks at game development on Windows Phones.  How do we know?  Well a new Windows blog just launched today, The Windows Phone Developer Blog, and Charlie Kindel listed all their Twitter accounts.  So we gathered them together in a Twitter list, added them to our Tweets! section, and added in the new blog  to our MS Product Teams list (umm, thanks Live Sync blog for refreshing all of your content, we’re thinking of you, too!) to our Blogs We Like section.  Now you can follow all the latest Windows Phone news (and everything else pertaining to Windows Live and Microsoft’s online services) all in one place, on LiveSide!

Of course we’ll be monitoring all the news, too, and keeping you up to date, but (and especially since is set to close next week) if you’re like us and want a quick overview of the latest tweets and the latest news, don’t forget our Tweets! and Blogs We Like sections!