Bing to “take on Goliath” in the UK with new ad campaign

Microsoft is readying a new ad campaign for its “decision engine”, Bing, in the UK, set to begin soon and run through June, according to NewMediaAge:

The TV campaign will run regularly for a month and then in two-week bursts until mid-June. It will be backed by a digital campaign across Microsoft’s network and on media including social networks.

The campaign, run by JWT, will be similar to the ads run in the US, with confused searchers overcome by “information overload” told to “Bing and decide”.


Bing has been making modest gains in the US, after a similar campaign started things off last June, but Google holds an even more commanding lead in the UK, with over 90% search market share, with Bing holding only about 3%.  According to an article in The Guardian UK, Bing is ready to “take on Goliath”:

"This is a big moment – we are taking out our slingshots and taking on Goliath," said the managing director and vice-president of consumer and online at Microsoft UK, Ashley Highfield, adding that he believed Bing met a real desire from both consumers and advertisers.

Some pundits have already noted, after a mention in the Guardian article that one woman appears overwhelmed by information when asking for “directions to Euston Station”, that Bing has some work left to do there, too (although a search for “Euston Station” yields better results).

We’d love to see how these new ads differ from the ones that ran here in the US, so if you’re in the UK and spot one, let us know in the comments (bonus points for links to where we can watch it, too!)