More Wave 4 screenshots on, only this time they’re blocked in China!

This morning our friend Picturepan2, as he likes to be called, posted a couple more Wave 4 screenshots, which to be honest are pretty much just more of the same (although the Windows Live Photo Gallery image manipulation is starting to look very cool) – we’re getting to the point where screenshots aren’t quite cutting it, we need bits!  Here’s the shots:


(still lots of placeholders in the Ribbon, but we could use that “blemish remover”!)


What is a bit more interesting, however, is that Picturepan2 is reporting that this post is apparently now blocked in China by the “Great Firewall”.  This seems awfully strange, since has only been blocked once before (for a post on how to get addresses, and that post was up for a year before it was blocked, not entirely expedient), and while we bet there are at least some people in Redmond who wish they had a Great Firewall of their own, we doubt that the Chinese government cares much about Wave 4.  Picturepan2 tells us tonight that sometimes the GFW picks up keywords that cause a post to be blocked.  Maybe something in the post triggered the action (none of the other Wave 4 posts are blocked, and the site remains up), a glitch in the system, as it were.

Or just maybe Microsoft has cut a deal with China: “you block Wave 4 screenshots, and we’ll censor Bing”…(we’re JUST KIDDING!!)