Windows Live Wave 4 at Mix? Follow our liveblog and find out

Back in November at PDC, Ray Ozzie announced onstage that Microsoft would share more about the latest from Windows Live “in the Mix timeframe”.  Since then, we’ve been getting some peephole views of what’s to come, but when are we going to get our hands on the bits?  Since the Windows Live Platform won’t be ready until later in the year, we’re not seeing any developer focused Windows Live sessions at Mix, but will there be any announcements?  A Wave 4 release at Mix was the overwhelming favorite in our poll (updated to fix url), and one LiveSide reader, Lituus, may be on to something (and he’s been prescient before):


We know we’ll be hearing at least something about IE9 at Mix, with Dean Hachamovitch keynoting, and of course lots and lots about Windows Phone 7 Series, so even if we don’t have Wave 4 news, there will be plenty to tune in for.  There’s even a session on Microsoft Translator (a Silver Sponsor of Mix 10), and one on Pivot (at the same time, of course, grrr).  But what about our favorite topic, Windows Live?  Well we simply just don’t know, yet, but that’s why we’re heading to Las Vegas to liveblog the keynotes for you:


Along with Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet, Ben Rubenstein from, Paul Thurrott from WinSuperSite, and Long Zheng of, we’re all in for another group liveblog of both Monday’s (focusing on Windows Phone 7 Series) and Tuesday’s (focusing on IE9) keynotes. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, too, and we’ll be blogging as much as time will allow from Mix (never an easy prospect).

Oh, and you guys from Windows Live Writer, hopefully you’ll be able to come up for air, soon 🙂