Office Web Apps to graduate with Windows Live Wave 4: gives clue to final release date?

Today we noticed a tweet coming from our good friend Long Zheng who noted the following:

Just spoke with MS reps about Office Web Apps. V1 will be shipping with Live Wave 4. Date tentative

While this is not surprising as Office Web Apps is part of Windows Live SkyDrive (or to be potentially called Windows Live Docs), it does leaves us some speculation as to when the final version of Windows Live Wave 4 will ship. When Office Web Apps was released as technical preview back in September last year, Microsoft announced that the final version of Office Web Apps would be released “in the first half of 2010”. Not only this, but the Office 2010 blog also recently announced that Office 2010 final will become available to businesses on May 12, and to general consumers by June 2010. Given that Office Web Apps is supposed to be released around the same time as Office 2010 (albeit it is on a different development cycle), by induction, this means that Windows Live Wave 4 should be released around the same timeframe.

Of course, this is all but speculation, although we do believe this is quite a realistic one, given rumours that we’ll be hearing about Windows Live Wave 4 bits around the “MIX timeframe”. Stay tuned at LiveSide as we bring you live coverage straight from MIX 2010!