No Wave 4 (yet), but a new sign in page, Yay!

We’re all chomping at the bit for new Windows Live toys to play with, obviously,  when something as seemingly minor as a new Hotmail sign-in page generates no less than 4 tips (as always we really appreciate it)!

Sometime today (our first tip was at 3pm), the Hotmail sign in page was updated, nothing really new in terms of features, but the furniture has been moved around a bit, and things seem a bit snappier:


The new page doesn’t feature any of the “single sign-on” features we spotted back in January, but it could very well be in preparation for them.  Of course it could also be that someone in Redmond is as anxious for new bits as us, and couldn’t wait to go live with …something.  Anyway, thanks for the heads up to Julian, Maurice, Nathan and Orion!