What to expect (and what not to) from Mix

mix Mix 10 starts on Monday morning (at 9am Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7), as Daylight Savings Time starts in the US on Sunday March 14), and we’ll be there to liveblog the event (we’ll have a post up on Monday with the live blog embedded). 

We want to say right off the top, that while we would love to hear lots of Wave 4 news at Mix, we’re not holding our breath.  This Mix is about Windows Phone and Silverlight 4 and Internet Explorer 9, and Microsoft isn’t about to dilute the message beyond that.  We would love to bring you lots of unexpected Wave 4 news (and we’ll be patrolling the hallways and the back rooms seeing what we can dig up), but if you voted for a Wave 4 beta at Mix, you may be disappointed.

So what will we see?  Obviously this Mix is a Windows Phone gala, and we’ll be hearing lots about Windows Phone 7 Series developer experience, and a big push to get developers to start writing apps for the new phones.  Lots of tools (even Express versions, we’re hearing), lots of detail on Windows Phones.   

Day 1 will have a focus on Windows Phones, from Joe Belfiore, who introduced Windows Phone 7 Series at MWCScott Guthrie is keynoting, too, and we’ll be hearing more about Silverlight, both on Windows Phones and more broadly.

Day 2 will be all about Internet Explorer 9.  Lots of rumors swirling around about IE and HTML5, etc.  Will Microsoft join the “standards compliant” party?  What can Microsoft do to differentiate IE, and stem the tide of users switching to other browsers?  Dean Hachamovitch will hopefully be showing off at least a glimpse of the latest version of IE.

The keynotes will be highlighted by an appearance by Bill Buxton, a fan favorite from previous Mix conferences.  “Metro” is going to be a big topic in the coming months, and we’ll hear a lot more about design.   And we’ll hear a lot of talk about tools, including a “special surprise” Doug Purdy has been working on.

As we’ve said before, we’re hoping to meet up with people from Microsoft Translator and Pivot, with sessions on both scheduled, catch as many Windows Phone sessions as we can, and work the hallways for the latest news on what’s coming up.


You can watch the keynotes live on live.visitmix.com, and get real-time commentary from Ed Bott, Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, Ben Rubenstein, Long Zheng, and yours truly on our live blog.  We’ll be up front for the keynotes this year, hopefully all wired up and not fighting the wifi!