Microsoft Translator v2 widget and APIs

In amongst all the Windows Phone and IE9 goodness (and a distinct lack of Windows Live news), we had a chance at Mix10 this week to catch up with an old friend we’ve never actually met face-to-face, Vikram Dendi of Microsoft Translator.

First, as Vikram explains in this video, Microsoft Translator is the technology that powers Bing Translator, the Microsoft Translator widgets and APIs, the translation in Office and a number of other Microsoft technologies, but finds a home in Microsoft Research.

At Mix this year, Microsoft Translator introduced new a version 2 of its API and the web widget, :some new collaboration tools that will allow users to make suggestions or even changes to how a translation is presented on a site.  We talked a bit about Microsoft Translator with Vikram shortly after his Mix session


Vikram Dendi at Mix 10

(just a note we’re hosting the video again on Azure, but the tools on this laptop are a bit limited so we don’t quite have the full experience).

We’ll be updating our Translator experience as soon as we get back, and will have some api key codes if you want to use the new api tools on your site, just leave a note in the comments and we’ll see what we can do!

btw here’s the Mix session