MIX10 – Day 2 – First IE9 Platform Preview, OData SDKs, “Dallas” CTP2

Today at MIX10, Dean Hachamovitch unveiled the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview including expanded support for HTML5, hardware-accelerated graphics and text, and a new JavaScript engine.

Starting at MIX10, developers will be able to track Microsoft’s progress and provide direct feedback on the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview by evaluating new code refreshes approximately every eight weeks leading up to the beta release. Developers can download the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview at http://www.IETestDrive.com (note: requires Vista Service Pack 2 or later).
The Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview includes the IE9 Test Drive website which holds a series of tests. I had a play with it, just like they did in the keynote, and must say when comparing performance with other browsers it’s pretty amazing!

Do note that this is not meant for every day browsing, the UI is very minimalistic, it doesn’t even have an address bar. You are supposed to run it next to another browser to compare the tests (go to http://www.IETestDrive.com in any browser and run the tests for comparison). Don’t worry about your current IE8 install if you want to have a look though, it won’t touch it!

To enable developers to build immersive, cross-platform Web and mobile applications that use data delivered from the cloud, Microsoft also released SDKs for OData, http://www.odata.org, and announced the availability of “Dallas” CTP2.

Missed out on the keynote? The Day 2 keynote will be is available on demand later at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/events/mix/VideoGallery.aspx