Back from Mix, now where’s Wave 4?

Mix 10 was a significant conference for Microsoft, and even though there wasn’t any Windows Live news (even in the hallways, where the only response to our questions of when was “soon”), both Windows Phone 7 Series and Internet Explorer 9 figure to play prominently in the Windows Live story, and in a way Mix 10 set the stage for the changes to Windows Live we have been anxiously awaiting.

We met up with a lot of old friends, some face-to-face for the first time.  Special thanks to Chris Wendt and  Vikram Dendi of Microsoft Translator (we’ll be implementing the new Version 2 of the Microsoft Translator API here on LiveSide soon), Lonn Lee from Windows Live, Ori Amiga from Live Mesh, Anand Iyer, Loke Uei Tan (fixed spelling, oops) and many others from Windows Phone, Mark Brown from the Web Platform Installer, Chris Pendleton from Bing, Ted Johnson, Ryan Gavin, Dean Hachamovitch, Tony Ross, Jason Webber (and a number of others) from IE, Jean Luc David from DPE, Nic Fillingham from Channel 9, and many many others who all contributed to some great hallway conversations.  Angus Logan was lurking and successfully eluded us this year, but that won’t last long, we’ll be hunting him down soon.  One last very special thank you to Steven Sinofsky, who took the time to stop by “press row” before and after Tuesday’s keynote and talk to bloggers and journalists about IE9.  The information not only from the sessions but in these conversations and chance meetings really are what makes Mix and conferences like it a unique experience, and while we’ve yet to hear Wave 4 news, we set the stage for many conversations to come.

So what’s next?  Well the conference season is in full swing, and although we won’t be able to make many of these shows, we’ll be following them closely.  We’re going to stop by and check out TechFlash Live next week, with ex-Microsoft Advertising VP Brian McAndrews, and to check out some killer Ping-Pong.  Bing has a lot coming up soon, according to Chris Pendleton, and they will be at Where 2.0 at the end of the month, and a number of conferences after that, so expect more news from Bing soon.

Windows Phone 7 Series will be keeping the gang hopping all summer.  They’ll be at Web 2.0 Expo in May, and probably every conference and county fair between now and launch “this holiday season”.

And at some point, the Windows Live guys are going to have to come out of hiding.  It’s too bad we can’t get them all together at a conference like Mix, as we’re going to have a lot to talk about, “soon”.