Bing updates for iPhone, broadcasters (and more to come)

Time to catch up on a couple of news items about Bing that may have slipped your attention, what with all the Wave 4 leaks and Windows Phone news.

bingiphone1 First, a new Bing for iPhone app is now available.  Downloaded over a million times since it first appeared late last year, the app brings Bing to your iPhone, and in the new release adds some new features and functionality, including support for 1st gen iPhone Touch, ability to copy/paste URLs, and more.  Check out all the improvements on the blog post.

And in another announcement that won’t directly impact many of us, but we’ll be almost sure to see the results, Microsoft has opened up the licensing for Bing Maps to broadcasters, for free.  This means that TV news programs will be able to use Bing Maps images (but not traffic information) on their broadcasts.  KING TV here in Seattle has already been making use of Bing Maps, with more sure to follow.

We’re expecting a steady stream of Bing news coming up, too, so stay tuned!