Embed Bing Maps Twitter Maps: Internationalization/fixed map issue [updated]

Remember how we found there was a internationalization issue with embedding Bing Maps Twitter Maps? Users outside the US were not able to view those set to fixed. Ravi, one of the Microsoft devs who worked on this, just emailed me that the issue should now be fixed (fix should have went live last Friday). However the fix is not backwards compatible, meaning people outside the US still nobody can not correctly view any fixed map you created/embedded in specific regions outside the US prior to this fix. Changing the commas to decimal points in lat/lon in the embed code should fix this though. I’ve already done that in our previous post.

Now let’s see if the issue is indeed fixed by embedding another fixed Bing Maps Twitter Map here. This time I’ll make one of Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond with the search filter “Windows Live.”

Sorry Ravi, seems like it isn’t fixed yet :(
Update: Ravi is looking into why it’s not working yet.
Update 2:  It’s working now. Thanks Ravi! :)

P.S.: Should any of you readers have any feedback, feel free to leave it on the Bing Twitter Maps forum.