New location browser on Bing Search

Bing Search just keeps on evolving. Yesterday we told you about the Spring Updates and today we add one more update. Bing now has a new location browser for mapping out places in Bing Search reference results. Chris Pendleton gives a nice example of that! He did a search for “The Hurt Locker.”

Let us reproduce! First we search for “The Hurt Locker”
Then we click on Reference articles on… (on the left)
And sure enough there it is, right there on the right! Click on the locations button (already did that in the above screenshot) and see all referenced places in a Bing map right there on the article! How handy is that?

Hovering the country names in the list below the map will color the pins red and hovering over the pin on the map will give you the possibility to zoom in to that location.
HoverCountryList HoverPinMap 
Very nice! But as always with Bing features: mentioned feature may or may not work in your locale.