Translator Widget v2

We just updated our Microsoft Translator widget to version 2, complete with the “Collaborative Translations”, which allows you to choose alternate translations and make suggestions.  We purposely choose to use the translator widget, instead of working with the more flexible APIs, partly to let you see how easy and functional it is to provide translations for your own sites (and partly because it’s easy!).

To use the collaborative feature, just click on our Translator widget to translate LiveSide into your default language (or pick another one), and hover over a paragraph:


Right now you’ll be able to edit the translations only for your own browser, but we’ll be looking into allowing you to become language editors for LiveSide, as v2 adds features down the road.

You’ll need an invitation code and a Bing Developer App ID to fully use the collaborative features of the widget or APIs, you can request a code from the widget page, or leave us a comment here and we’ll see what we can do (right, Vikram?)

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