Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 to get Office Web Apps integration

Last time we told you that the final version of Office Web Apps will be released along with Windows Live Wave 4, we always knew that the two will be integrated tightly. Indeed, not only Office Web Apps is integrated right into Windows Live SkyDrive (or Windows Live Docs), internal documents seem to indicate that it might make an appearance in Windows Live Hotmail! Here’s an excerpt describing the new Hotmail:

“You can access Microsoft Office docs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, right in Hotmail.”

As stated above, you will be able to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents right within the next version of Hotmail. Notice that OneNote is not supported in Hotmail, which makes sense as people don’t really send their OneNote notebooks using emails (with OneNote 2010 and Office Web Apps, you’ll be able to share and co-author your OneNote notebooks on the cloud anyway!)

As Office Web Apps is tightly integrated into Windows Live SkyDrive, we somehow speculate that SkyDrive and Hotmail will have some connection in the next release. In fact, the latest post on the Inside Windows Live blog seems to be hinting something:

Email might be the only cloud storage solution you use. People currently keep 15,576,853,555 Microsoft Office documents stored on our servers – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 95% of our storage capacity is taken up not by messages, but by attachments…

…We’re learning all the time and applying what we’ve learned to make the product better and better.

If 95% of Hotmail’s storage is taken up by attachments like Office documents, it’s not surprising to see Microsoft is considering some integration between the storage spaces between Hotmail and SkyDrive. In fact, back when Wave 3 was first released, one of the press release documents promised that users will be able to download e-mail attachments from Hotmail into SkyDrive. However, this integration never came to fruition back in the Wave 3 days (maybe they were waiting for Office Web Apps?). Will we finally see this integration in Wave 4? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks to Picturepan2 @ again for the heads up!