Bing Maps March updates

Bing Maps got some updates in March, with promises of more to come. Here are the changes already implemented:

Walking Directions – Walking Directions allows you to calculate directions between two points in a way that would allow you to walk down streets that wouldn’t necessarily be fit for cars. Now you can generate directions based on how you might drive from point A to point B or walk from point C to point D.
Drag-able Routing Flags – You can’t right click on the Silverlight Map (Silverlight limitation) to add a location as you can in the classic version. But now you can drag and drop the flag into the map from the directions panel (NEW). And just like you already could you can drag the flags around the map to change your route.

Expanded Streetside Mini-map – The mini-map in the upper right-hand corner now expands across the top of the Streetside image.

Application Gallery Redesign – To anticipate on the gallery growing this has gotten a redesign. The apps got separated into two categories, “Staff picks” and “All Apps.” You can also sort by “Newest,” “Title” and “Publisher”. By default you will see “Recommended” apps.MapApps
Local Search Enhancements – Improved performance and usability. Redesigned and “Nearby”option added.

More detailed descriptions (and images) of the changes can be found on the Bing Maps blog.