Demo Apps from MIX10 on Windows Phone 7

Have you seen the Windows Phone 7 Series demo apps during the MIX10 keynote? Want to see them again? The Windows Phone Developer blog has a post up with videos of all the demos shown during the keynote:

  • XNA Demo – “Goo Splat” – Casual game, keep the goo from falling to the bottom and prevent the screen from filling up
  • Seesmic – Twitter Client
  • Major League Soccer – Track favorite teams in real time
  • Foursquare – Share your current location with your friends
    Alpha version available on Codeplex:
  • – Comic book reading experience
  • Netflix – Movies
  • Associated Press – News reader
  • Shazam – Music discovery engine

Do you, after watching these, feel like coding an app for Windows Phone 7 series too? The Windows Phone Developer Documentation, Windows Phone Developer Training Kit and the Videos of MIX10 Windows Phone sessions should get you started.

Once you get going, don’t forget about the design! The Windows Phone 7 Series UI Design & Interaction Guide will help you along there. Need Icons for your app? There’s already a Windows Phone 7 Series Icon Pack out too!