“Mystery event” hosted by MSFT next week: “it’s time to share”

500x_pinkpure_01 With all the hoopla that surrounded the unveiling of Windows Phone 7 Series in the past few weeks, we kind of forgot about “Pink”, the new consumer phone (think Sidekick II) coming from Microsoft.

Now, according to Engadget and others, Microsoft has decided “it’s time to share”, and has invited some of the tech press to an event next Monday April 12th.

Of course we’re not sure what this event is, really, but we kind of doubt it’s related to the launch of Visual Studio (slated for the same day), given the demographics of the publications involved (not us, unfortunately).  The timing is right to begin to pull the wraps off Pink, and ‘Softies have been tweeting from the devices for some time now.  And if it isn’t Pink, then what?  and where the heck is Pink, anyway?

We should know more by next week (and even sooner if we can dig deep enough), so stay tuned.

UPDATE: CNET’s Ina Fried says a source confirmed to her that the event is related to the new “Pink” phones, code named “Turtle” and “Pure”