Windows Live Calendar for Mobile coming in Wave 4

When Windows Live Wave 3 was first released with a suite of mobile services, many people complained the lack of Calendar support for the mobile devices, as Windows Live Calendar for Mobile only supported SMS-based services in Wave 3, and Microsoft has never developed a Client-based nor Web-based mobile Calendar solution. Despite this, calendar is probably the most used application on mobile devices, as people often prefer to check their schedules and meetings on-the-go.

Well it seems the wait is over because Microsoft has listened, and in January we gave you clues that Windows Live Calendar for Mobile is in fact coming in Wave 4. Today we’re able to show you for the first time what it will look like:

Home Home Expanded Calendar Options
Calendar Home Calendar Home Expanded Calendar Options
Week View Month View Go To Date
Calendar Week Calendar Month Calendar Go To Date
View Event Add/Edit Event  
Calendar View Event Calendar Add Event  
As you can see, Calendar is touch-capable, meaning you can view this on your iPhone, HD2, as well as any other touch-capable phones. However we weren’t able to confirm whether there will be a non-touch version available as well. Either way, it is definitely looking good and will prove to be useful for many! What do you think?
Reminder: As always, remember this is a pre-release screenshot and is currently in development, so anything could be changed between now and final release.