A first look at Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 with Office Web Apps integration

Just a week ago we told you that Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 will have Office Web Apps integrated right inside the web service. Today Picturepan2 from LiveSino.net was able to get hold of a few screenshots of the latest Hotmail in action – particularly of Office Web Apps working in Hotmail. Here it is:

Word Web App in Hotmail Wave 4

We’ve shown you a few screenshots earlier this year of the new Hotmail – with new Conversation view and a revamped navigation pane. It seems like Hotmail has gotten quite a few updates since then, and here’s a summary of the changes we’ve noticed:

  • "Social Quick view” is now replaced with “Documents Quick view” (for Office Web Apps integration)
  • Web Messenger contact list being integrated to the left navigation pane, despite we know that all Windows Live web services will have Web Messenger integrated into its header in Wave 4
  • Flagged emails is confirmed to be supported in Hotmail Wave 4 (the flag on the top-right corner in the screenshot below)
  • A new “Sweep” menu, we’re not quite sure what that is yet
  • A new “Hotmail Active View”, also not quite sure what that is…

Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4

Based on the screenshots above, we’re quite impressed with the new look and feel of Hotmail Wave 4. There are some exciting new features coming up in Hotmail, and we’ll let you know as soon as we get more information about them. Stay tuned!