Full set of revamped Windows Live Wave 4 default emoticons – now with 25 brand new emoticons!

Many of you have probably seen the new Windows Live Wave 4 emoticons – either through the leaked M2 build of Essentials, or from one of the screenshots we posted a while ago (here, here and here). But regardless of where you’ve seen it, you would’ve noticed that only some of the emoticons were updated with the new look (like Smile), while others remained with the old look (like Red rose – compare this with the new ones below). Those emoticons you’d seen until now originated from the older builds of Windows Live, and as always things do tend to change as it reaches closer to the final stage.

Today we’ve discovered that the entire set of emoticons has now been updated with the new look. We at LiveSide proudly present you the full set of Windows Live Wave 4 emoticons:


You might’ve noticed that not only all the original emoticons have been updated to the new look, but the total number of default emoticons has been increased from 81 (in Wave 3) to 106 – that’s 25 brand new emoticons added to the series! Not only this, but all of the emoticons you see here can now be inserted not just in Messenger conversations, but also in your blog posts using Windows Live Writer Wave 4. So, let us know what you think of these new emoticons by leaving us a comment below!