“Pink” unveiling set for 10am pdt Monday

We’ve been hearing rumors about “Project Pink” for so long we almost can’t believe the wraps will come off in just a few hours, but as of 10am pdt (GMT –7) on Monday April 12th, Microsoft will unveil the new phones in a press event in San Francisco, with a tagline “we’re for sharing”.  For those of us unable to make the event, it will be webcasted live.

The new Pink phones known by their code names “Turtle” and “Pure” (with more to come) will reportedly be offered by Verizon and manufactured by Sharp.  Details are sketchy about the phones, although today a “Turtle” was caught “in the wild”, and breathlessly shown off on a number of websites:






…even though a much better picture of the “Turtle” is shown on the Microsoft News Center page for the event:







Members of the “Pink” team have been tweeting from the phones with a #TMDP hashtag, and seem excited to get 2 years of work out the door, it will be interesting to see what they have to say tomorrow.

We’ll have to wait until the press event (at least, here’s hoping we don’t get more “in time for the holiday season” runaround) to find out more about these enigmatic new phones: pricing, availability, features, the OS, etc., etc.