What’s New feed updates are now in Windows Live Wave 4 style

Today I was just coming across my friend’s Windows Live Profile page when I’ve noticed something different with the way the What’s New feed updates are written. After checking LiveSide’s old Wave 3 screenshots for Windows Live Profile, I was able to confirm my suspicion that they are indeed different. Here’s an example table comparing the wordings between Wave 3 and the new Wave 4 style:

Whats New comparison

We’ve gone back and checked this new wording style against the leaked screenshots of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4, and we are able to confirm that the new style matches the new “Social feed” text in Windows Live Wave 4. Here’s a screenshot of an update showing sharing photos via Facebook in Messenger Wave 4, which matches the wordings in the example we saw above:

Wave 4 status message

Although this update may seem trivial, it does mean that Microsoft is getting closer to the Wave 4 launch. The fact that we’re seeing the Wave 4-styled feed updates means that the underlying platform for Social feeds is already complete and ready to launch. Do remember that the upcoming Wave 4 social feed will allow you leave comments for each individual update much like Facebook do – a much needed update for the “social” side of Windows Live. Looks like we’re another step closer to Wave 4!