New Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 screenshots revealed

Hotmail LogoPicturepan2 from has done it again! Last week he showed us screenshots of Office Web Apps integration within Hotmail, and this week he’s received new screenshots showing several new features of Hotmail Wave 4. Here it is:

Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4

When we compare the above screenshot (from M3 build) to the screenshots leaked three months ago (M2 build we believe), we would’ve notice the following differences (and new updates!):

  • Hotmail now uses the new logo!
  • Unified search box powered by Bing – no more multiple search boxes on one page like the current Wave 3
  • Improved email filters based on sender information – filter your emails to view only those emails coming from your contacts, from your social network updates, from your Windows Live Groups, and those coming from everyone else
  • Quick views – this is now a new way to browse emails based on their attachments or flags – you can quickly find all your flagged emails, those with photos attached, and those with documents attached. Oh and expect Office Web Apps integration when you click “Documents” under Quick views!
  • Web Messenger is now located at the bottom-left corner with a searchable contact list
  • New “Sweep” menu – allowing you to quickly perform bulk actions on all the emails in your folder at once. Currently with Wave 3, you can only select up to 35 emails at a time (limited to the number of emails on a page) to perform actions such as mark as read or Delete. With the new “Sweep” menu, you can perform these actions to all emails within a folder, with just one click of a button:
    Hotmail Wave 4 - Sweep

Pretty neat updates! Now we’re just waiting on when these updates will finally be released… Stay tuned!