Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 M3 screenshots galore – in French

Just a few days ago, we showed you brand new screenshots of Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 Milestone 3 build. Today a French website got their hands on a handful of more Hotmail Wave 4 screenshots – only they’re in French. Here’s some of them we’ve found interesting that reveals features we haven’t shown you before:

Conversation View
Conversation view

The new Hotmail Wave 4 Milestone 3 user interface is much more cleaner, and this is the first time we’ve seen how the conversation view actually looks in the preview pane.

Advanced E-mail Search – powered by Bing
Bing E-mail Search

Search within Hotmail is much more improved. You can now search your emails using different criterion such as From, To, Subject, Folders, Keywords, Date ranges and With/Without attachments.

Improved Quick Add
Quick add

Comparing to the Wave 3 Quick add menu (Maps, Restaurants, Movie times, Images, Videos, and Business listings), the Wave 4 Quick add menu has been revised as to what can be added. Clip art and Webpages are amongst the new items that you can add, while it appears that the current Restaurants and Business listings has been consolidated as “Maps and places”.

The Quick add feature is also much less intrusive now. The Quick add pane will not appear until you select an option in the “Insert From Bing” menu, and the pane can now be turned off (with the X on the top-right). Oh and did you notice that the banner ad on the right can now be closed too in Hotmail?

Close ad

Office Web Apps integration

As we reported earlier, Office Web Apps will be integrated right within Hotmail, allowing you to preview and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote attachments right from Hotmail. It was reported that if you want to edit the document online, the attachment will be transferred to SkyDrive first. However, if you just want to view the document, you can preview it with Office Web Apps right within Hotmail without any loss of fidelity.

What do you think of the new UI and features? Did you notice anything else that we haven’t mentioned here or in our previous Hotmail Wave 4 articles? Let us know by commenting below!