Save the Poles – Eric Larsen reaches the North Pole

Bing is the major sponsor of “Save the Poles,” an expedition of Explorer Eric Larsen and his team. This expedition is meant to raise awareness of climate change. Eric’s goal is to be the first man to reach the world’s three poles — South, North, and summit of Mt. Everest — within one calendar year.

The first phase of his expedition, reaching the South Pole, was completed on January 4th 2010 after a ski trek of 47 days. Today, after a journey of almost 2 months, he will complete the second phase of his journey: reaching the North pole. On Earth Day at that, he couldn’t have chosen a better day!

Last word is he has already arrived at the North Pole (see picture).
Eric Larsen arriving at the North Pole
Eric’s use of social media (website, Newsvine, Twitter and Facebook) during his expedition makes it possible to follow along. Later today we are expecting the first-ever tweet from the North Pole!

Edit: And here it is, straight from the North Pole:
first-ever tweet from North Pole 
Next up, this fall, is Mt. Everest. This will be the third and last phase of the “Save the Poles” expedition.

Congratulations Eric, and teammates Antony Jinman and Darcy St-Laurent of course, on completing phase 2 and good luck with phase 3 of your expedition.