The Numbers Game: Instant Messaging

Everyone loves numbers, and we run across lots of them in looking for stories here at LiveSide, but getting good numbers, ones that show real information that isn’t slanted toward one viewpoint or another can be challenging.  That’s why we’re starting an occasional series of posts on “the numbers game”, where we hope to look a bit beyond the easily quoted but rarely deciphered sets of numbers we come across in news stories and blog posts as they relate to Microsoft and Windows Live.

Our first attempt at the numbers game is easy, as The Royal Pingdom blog has done all the work for us.  They gathered together a bunch of information about instant messaging, culling info from Skype, Microsoft, GigaOM, Tencent, Wikipedia, and others to put together an infographic on instant messaging.  And guess what?, in this time of Facebook and Twitter, IM is still a hugely popular way to communicate online.  Here’s a portion of the infographic showing Windows Live Messenger numbers:


You can check out more fun instant messaging facts, and more about Pingdom, a performance reporting service for websites, on their site.

(via @majornelson, and btw Twitter Search failed to find his account, but Bing has it as the top link!)