Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Milestone 3 screenshots leaked

Today posted several screenshots of the latest Windows Live Essentials 2010 Milestone 3 beta. The screenshots seem to indicate that they’re from the build 15.3.2688.0420, compiled on April 20, 2010. The website claims that the full installer weighs in at about 188MB and invitations will be sent out next week to very limited number of testers on Microsoft Connect.

Most of the screenshots posted are quite similar to what we’ve seen before, but here’s a few things we noticed that are new to this build:

  • New logo for Sync and Family Safety – Not only Hotmail is getting a new logo, but it seems like Sync and Family Safety are getting new logos too! Here’s a screenshot:
    New Logo
  • Windows Live Mail: Quick Event box – The new “quick event” box is located right at the bottom of the new Calendar pane and allows users to quickly add an event to their calendar:
    Mail Quick Event
  • Windows Live Messenger: Removal of menu bar in conversation windows – It appears that the menu bar on the top of Messenger conversation windows has been converged with the menu bar in the conversation box. Here’s a quick screenshot:
    Messenger Changed Toolbar
  • Windows Live Movie Maker: Project tab and Webcam support – There’s a new “Add Webcam video” button in the Movie Maker ribbon, indicating that you can now directly record video clips from Movie Maker with your webcam. We also noticed a new “Project” menu in the ribbon, although no details has leaked as to what’s involved in this new menu:
    Movie Maker Project tab and Webcam video
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery: Batch People tag and Quick find – A new button appeared in the Windows Live Photo Gallery ribbon called “Batch People tag”. Although we have no information as to what it exactly do, based on what we know about the new face recognition (it’s more than face detection!) feature in the new Photo Gallery, it could be a quick way for users to identify and tag their friends in a series of photos. The new “Quick find” section is also a useful addition too – now allow you to search through your entire photo collections in a few clicks:
    Photo Gallery Batch People Tag and Quick Find

Stay tuned at as we bring you the latest news about Windows Live Wave 4!