Windows Live Profile Wave 4 to come with enhanced privacy controls

Few days ago we told you about what’s new in Messenger Wave 4, and one of the items listed was “simple privacy settings”. Picturepan2 from has posted a special coverage on the new enhanced privacy controls experience in Wave 4. So upon your first visit to Windows Live Profile (when it gets upgraded to Wave 4), you will see a box asking you to set your profile to one of the three default privacy settings (Public, Limited, and Private):

Windows Live Profile Wave 4

These three privacy settings varies in the level of information you share with your friends and with the public, including who can see your contact information, contact list, status message, the files and photos you upload, as well as who can find you in people search and sent you friend invitations. In addition to these three default privacy settings, Windows Live Profile also provides advanced privacy settings if you prefer to have more granular control over the information you share:

Privacy options

With advanced privacy settings control, Windows Live Profile uses an easy-to-use horizontal slider to adjust the privacy levels for each item. With all these new partner connections coming to Windows Live Wave 4 (such as Facebook, Twitter…etc), on this page you can also easily set permissions as to what you would like to share from these connected services to your Windows Live friends:

Privacy settings

And to make things simpler, when you visit someone’s profile, you can simply click on a link at the top to see at once what you are sharing with them (as well as what they’re sharing with you), and by simply pressing the “Edit” link, you can immediately change the privacy settings for that item:

What's shared with you

These much improved privacy settings means that regardless of how risk-averse you are with social networks, your information can be easily controlled to the most granular detail, all in one place. Looks like Microsoft has placed a much larger emphasis on privacy this time in Wave 4 based on their lessons learnt from Wave 3 (where permissions settings was scattered across different pages and there was no easy way to configure them in one place) as well as from other services like Google (Buzz) and Facebook. Very well done!

Oh and as an added bonus, we noticed that Windows Live Profile Wave 4 is getting a new logo too! Check it out below (boxed in red):

Windows Live Profile logo

Stay tuned at LiveSide as we bring you more coverage on Windows Live Wave 4!