KIN embargo lifts, pricing is a shocker

KINlogo Lots of news just got released about Microsoft’s new KIN phones, including pricing.  Engadget has written up a long (an none too impressed) review of the new phones, and sums up the pricing in a nutshell:

The One and Two are being offered for $49.99 and $99.99 respectively after a $100 mail-in rebate… and they must be coupled with a standard Verizon smartphone plan, which clocks in at $29.99 a month. We were frankly shocked when we heard the pricing schemes (you also need a voice plan, of course, which will set you back another $49.99 monthly).

So $49 for the KIN one or $99 for the KIN 2 (after a $100 rebate), plus (with the cheapest Verizon plan at $39.99/mo, $10 cheaper than what Engadget quotes) $69.98/mo for data plus voice, and if you want to get the full Zune experience with the Zune Pass, that’s another $15/mo on top of everything else, for grand total of $84.98/mo for a phone that offers less features than almost any smartphone on the market.  So much for checking out a KIN while we wait for Windows Phone 7.

Check out the review on Engadget, and the Microsoft press release.