New Bing Map App: Global Action Atlas

image There’s a new map app on Bing maps: the Global Action Atlas by National Geographic. The application allows users to peer into areas where our planet needs help. National Geographic and Bing Maps invite you to support efforts across the globe to help people in need, protect plants and animals, preserve diverse cultures, and more. Join thousands of others who are donating, volunteering, and sharing knowledge on behalf of community-based projects working to solve global challenges.

There are 6 actionable themes with sub-categories:
You can simply check the ones of interest in the left pane. Found one you’d like to help out with? Just click the “Read More” link in the popup.

I took the above image from the post on the Bing Maps Blog as I can not get any action to show on the map for me with the map app, no matter what I check. I wonder what’s up with that, International issue? Anyway, it is being looked into at the moment, I’ll update if I hear/find out more.

In the meantime for those of you who suffer the same problem (let us know in the comments below): the map on the National Geographic site works just fine.
For more information about National Geographic’s Global Action Atlas, visit the National Geographic site.