The Numbers Game: LiveSide visitor data

With the announcement that Windows Live Wave 4 Essentials will require Windows Vista or Windows 7, (and with a little glitch in our system that made commenting via IE unavailable for a few days), we thought we would do a little navel gazing and take a look at our own visitor numbers for a clue as to who really uses what.

Of course with a sample size this small (one), nothing is definitive, and we’ll talk a little about some influences on our stats, but still when we looked at our own numbers a few things pop out:

Operating System

We’re a Microsoft shop, as much as we can be, and we write almost entirely about Microsoft products, so it’s no surprise that some 91% of the some 106,000 visits we had last month came from Windows.  Next up was (Apple) Macintosh with some 4.6%, and then the iPhone, with 1.32% (these are visits to only, and not, which is redirected to our friends at MoFuse, who take care of our mobile solution).

Within Windows, we can break down the usage further:


…that’s Windows 7 leading with 64.5%, then XP at 23%, Vista at 11%, and all the rest at less than 1% each.  A combination of early adopters and Softies probably contributes to the high 7 adoption rate – but still a solid number for XP.


Sorry to say that IE usage has been dropping steadily over the years, and although Firefox has leveled out, Google’s Chrome has risen dramatically, capturing some 18% of our audience:


That’s the first time we’ve noticed IE at less than 50% share, at some 47%, with FF at 24.5%, and Chrome, as we said, at almost 18%.  Again, being a Microsoft centric website, the numbers for IE don’t look good.  IE9 is still a long way off, Chrome is not only blazing fast but now doing a bit of advertising (once unthinkable for Google), and Firefox isn’t sitting still either.

Within IE, almost 90% of you were on IE8.  IE7 held about a 7% share, and thankfully IE6 usage continues to drop, at about 3.6%.  We might direct those IE6 users to an analogy between IE6 and 9 year old milk (yuck), but we’re guessing that most of you are using IE6 at work and can’t do much about it anyway.

Truthfully we’re more impressed by the two visits from Windows ME than we are by the fall of IE, and none of these numbers really prove anything, but they’re kind of fun to look at and we thought we’d share.

(By the way apologies for the problems with Disqus the last few days.  We’re not sure what happened to cause comments to not load in IE, but the fine folks at Disqus tweaked our account a bit and everything’s back to normal.  Thanks for your patience).

We use Google Analytics to keep an eye on our statistics, and all of the numbers we talk about here come from Google (and yes, we did use Microsoft’s Gatineau beta, and were kind of sorry to see it go).