Office 2010 launches: Office Web Apps begins roll out June 15

Office 2010 held a launch event as it released the new version of Office and Sharepoint to businesses today, and Office Web Apps, available through Windows Live, will begin rolling out June 15th, the day that Office 2010 is released to the public.

According to a news story from Sharon Chan at the Seattle Times, Microsoft Senior Vice President Chris Capossela explained that it would take “several week to reach everyone”:

“It’s not as coordinated as the retail launch, where you should be able to walk into any store and see shrink-wrapped product,” he said. “It’s a little bit of rolling thunder.”

Office Web Apps include online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and allow users to store and edit documents online through SkyDrive, as well as access them through Office.

We’ll have more as Office Web Apps becomes available.

Edit: Forgot to mention that Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones is now available for a free download if you have Office on your phone already.  You can get it via Windows Marketplace