MSN releases a (pretty nice!) MSN Mobile update unveiled a new design in March, and today they’ve upgraded their mobile experience to match.  Featuring a new look, emphasis on breaking news, easy access to Hotmail and Messenger, integration with Bing, as well as the content you’d expect from MSN with news, sports, money, videos and entertainment, the new MSN Mobile site, we must say, is looking really good.


You can get a detailed overview of the new MSN Mobile on the MSN Blog, and check it out at on a number of mobile devices:

The new homepage can be accessed by going to on a range of mobile devices and browsers, including Safari on Apple iPhone, Safari on Android 1.x and 2.x, Opera 9.5 on Windows Mobile, and Webkit on Palm’s webOS. This device list will give us approximately 40% device coverage


Update: We just checked with a spokesman for MSN Mobile, who confirmed that currently, MSN Mobile is only available to Windows Mobile users through Opera:

Unfortunately, the new MSN homepage is currently only available for the Opera browser on Windows Mobile phones.

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