Wave 4 Essentials to be called “Windows Live Essentials 2011”?

Francisco Martin Garcia, a Microsoft Active Professional, is reporting that the new name for Wave 4 Essentials will be “Windows Live Essentials 2011”:


(we don’t know if this is an official logo or what, but Francisco posted it and it looks nice :)  )

Martin previously published a “Wave 4 Public Beta Short Roadmap” that has proven to be very accurate up until now, which we’re linking here a number of times to make up for the fact that we (among others) have failed to pay homage to Martin: “So, if you plan to use this information to do so with credit, it does cost money and the important thing in life is to be honest and not stealing information for free”.  Anyway, here’s his roadmap:

Information about WL2010 releases

28 April VIP testers will get access to latest builds.
18 May WL2010 M3 RTW.

3 June Complete Public disclosure.
7 June Public Beta Day.
7 June iPhone main languages Messenger.
25 August iPhone additional languages Messenger + PUBLIC RTW

So, are we supposed to send a check now or something? (just kidding).  We’re following along at home with the roadmap, and can’t wait to get Wave 4 out in the open, hopefully well before 2011, no matter what the name.

(Oh crap, just realized that Long Zheng is going to be mad at me too, since I didn’t link the fact that he linked Martin, too.  All links lead to Long Zheng, remember that!)