New Bing Maps App: Piracy Watch


Yet another new map app is available on Bing Maps: Piracy Watch! This app was built by IDV Solutions, who have a slew of additional information about piracy including an interactive heat map of pirate activities around the world. This Bing Map App leverages web services hosted in IDV’s Visual Fusion Server to pull data into the map.

The Piracy Watch Map App illustrates international seafaring attacks by placing pushpins on the map showing where the attacks have taken place.
Image again stolen from the Bing Maps Blog, as for me this app has the same issue as the Global Action Atlas (still working on that).

If you click a pushpin on the map you will get more information about the respective incident, specifically the date of the incident, the type of ship, the aggressor and a short description. The left panel provides additional ways to sort the data – by date, victim type or aggressor type. A link to the Piracy Watch Demo on IDV’s Visual Fusion is also provided there.