Microsoft “I’m” charity program shut down: raised over $3 million

The I’m initiative, if you recall, was a way to support your favorite charity while using Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail, but now, after 3 years, the program has come to an end.  Some of our readers noticed that the new QFE update to Windows Live Wave 3 disabled the “I’m” logo, and a post on the “I’m” site officially announces the end of the program:

I want to give you an update on where we are with the i’m Initiative and give you some information about exciting changes coming soon.

For nearly 3 years now your passion and dedication has made change happen. The i’m initiative has now concluded, and we are so proud of the support that has been provided to the 10 organizations that have been involved. Because of you, the Initiative has donated over 3 million dollars to several organizations having a positive impact in several areas. You’ve championed educating youth, breast cancer awareness, animal rights, refugee help and more. Simply by chatting and sending Hotmail® email messages, you made a difference.

Even though the i’m initiative has now ended, a new chapter will begin in the coming months. While you will no longer be chatting or sending emails for a cause, you will be able to engage more closely with the causes you believe in. With the conclusion of i’m, please follow the few simple steps on the right to remove the i’m logo from Messenger and Hotmail.

A heartfelt thank you to each of you for your commitment to making change happen. We are excited about the next phase and look forward to sharing it with you soon. Please check back on the site in the coming months for updates and more details.


Amy Essene

Senior Director of Marketing—Windows Live

There are directions on the site to remove the I’m tag from Hotmail, Messenger, or your Personal Status Message, if you haven’t done so already.

(thanks to LiveSide reader Quikboy for the tip!)