Wave 4: What’s New in Windows Live Essentials

Windows Live EssentialsFollowing the announcement of Messenger and Hotmail Wave 4, the next step for Microsoft’s Windows Live Wave 4 announcement is the new Essentials. Today the Windows Live Essentials Preview website (http://windowslive.com/essentials) briefly went online for a short while before locking out all users with a login ID and password again. Fortunately, we were able to capture some of the information from the website, and just like before, we only chose those that we think might most interest you (those marked with Star are new ones we haven’t mentioned before, other ones we have conveniently linked you to our previous coverage):

Windows Live Photo Gallery

  • Multitouch Support Star Photos can be adjusted using touch on any touch-enabled Windows 7-based PC.
  • Libraries support Star Photo Gallery now supports Windows 7 Libraries so you don’t have to manually import photos and videos again, it’s all done automatically.
  • Intuitive user interface If you use Windows or Office, you’ll be right at home with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker because they use the same ribbon toolbar that puts all the right tools at your fingertips for easy access and efficiency.
  • Find tab Photo Gallery’s new Find tab allows you to naturally filter your photos by faces, names, date, geo-location, descriptive tags, folder titles or any combination. Finally, it’s easy to take your million and one photos and find that one in a million.
  • Facial Recognition Facial Recognition technology allows Photo Gallery to find pictures that have people in them and deduce who is in those pictures based on whom you’ve tagged in the past. The more you tag, the smarter it gets! Tags made in Photo Gallery travel with the photo wherever it goes, and any tags you or your friends make on sites such as Facebook also sync back down to your Photo Gallery.
  • Photo Fuse Allows you to take the best parts of multiple photos to combine them into one “perfect” photo with an easy-to-use editing tool.
  • Retouch Star Whether it’s a blemish, scratch, bruise or stain, Photo Gallery’s Retouch feature enables you to make it look like it never happened, employing the same technology that professional agencies use to polish photos.
  • Batch Auto Adjust Star Make professional adjustments in seconds with Auto Adjust. In a matter of moments, your photos will receive a fine-tuning to their exposure, color balance and sharpness, so you end.

Windows Live Movie Maker

  • AutoMovie Themes Create polished movies with your photos and videos that you can then share, even if you don’t have a lot of time. AutoMovie will add a beautiful theme to your photos and videos in less than a minute that includes transitions, a title, captions and a music soundtrack. You can use these same themes in Photo Gallery’s Slideshow mode. up with a professional-quality finished product.

Mail logo

  • Efficient inbox management tools Tools such as conversation threading give you the convenience of viewing your messages in the way that you choose. Quick views organize and find selected types of mail (unread mail from contacts only, flagged email, all mail across inboxes, etc.) across your email accounts, newsgroups and feeds.
  • Slim Cal Instantly view your calendar without navigating away from the context of your inbox.

Windows Live Sync

  • Sync folders across all your PCs (and Macs) Windows Live Sync keeps your files and folders, such as Documents, Pictures and
    Music, in sync across your computers so you can work or play wherever you want. Update a file on one computer, and it wi
    ll automatically sync to the rest. Once your folders are synchronized, your files are available even when you don’t have internet access.
  • Program settings sync Star Share settings for your favorite programs across your PCs, so programs work the same way on every PC in your home.
  • Remote Desktop Star Leave your PC online and you can access it from devices.live.com. Find your PC among the list of devices on the website, and click Connect to remotely control your PC.

Note that this list is in no way reflective of all of the new features coming in Windows Live Essentials Wave 4. But nevertheless, they’re the official words from Microsoft! Stay tuned at LiveSide.net as we bring you more information about Windows Live Essentials Wave 4!