A new LiveSide logo?

A few weeks ago we found out about idesignyourlogo.com, who are using a novel approach to logo design (and marketing) by creating a logo a day for anyone who wants to sign up -and pay, on a sliding scale, a very reasonable (cheap) price.  We thought it sounded fun, and yesterday was our day.  Idesignyourlogo.com did more than create a logo for us, though, they created 7:


We had a bit of mis-communication on the tagline: while we’ve been called “sneaky geniuses” and consider it an unofficial motto, we’re not quite ready to include it in our logo, it won’t be staying.  But beyond that, we’d love to get your input: does one of these logos jump out for you?  Do you have a favorite (or would you prefer that we stick with our current logo)?

We’re going to let you chime in before we make any decisions, let us know what you think in the comments, and thanks for reading LiveSide!

Update: Thanks for all the comments, just created a quick poll to let you vote, it’s in the sidebar :)

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